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A journey to the roof of Pakistan

Many tourists see Pakistan as an unsafe and isolated country held under oppressive religious laws. As I learned on a recent trip, however, this country is filled with wonderful surprises. Join me discover the life of people on the ‘roof-top’ of the country through My trip to Pakistan blog: Pakistan travel blog — A journey to the roof of Pakistan.”Pakistan’s Hunza Valley”Pakistan is the Karakoram, a magnificent mountain range spanning the borders of Pakistan, India, and China, inspiring thoughts of the arduous camel caravan journeys along the Silk Road.

Pakistan is a rich and distinct culture that can be seen through the character of its long-haul trucks. Pakistan is the simple, peaceful lifestyle of its people in the enchanting Hunza Valley. I went to Pakistan to discover these wonderful things and ended up discovering myself as well.”The Karakoram, a great challenge on the Silk Road” The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes established during China’s Han Dynasty. It originated from the Chang’an Citadel (present-day Xi’an) and stretched to the Roman Empire. Camel caravans had to transport heavy loads from China to other nations by traversing the frigid and treacherous Pamir Mountains and the isolated Karakoram range, which connects Pakistan and Kashgar—an oasis city in Xinjiang, China.

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