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Borrindo: A Start-up to Renovate Hand-Made Pakistani Vintage Culture into Fashion Industry

“Pakistan a versatile legacy realm having the essence of Vintage Cultural Hand-made Craft!” Globalization altered the pattern of Marketing worldwide with the rapid advancement of Technology during last few decades. Unfortunately, our local handicrafts artists are not much educated with the updated technology to reach the market and commercialize their products internationally.

The gap between artisan and market increased many folds in few years due to unorganized market and fewer resources which ultimately damaged the market of the Vintage Handicrafts of Pakistan worldwide. But now few start-ups are coming forth with the new ideas to showcase the eternal heritage of Pakistan. Borrindo.com is an online platform to bridge the gap between the artisan and art lovers with presenting the Prestige Pakistani craft all over the world. It commercializes the Appealing and Hand-made artisan’s products directly to the customer by linking contemporary fashion industry of Pakistan.

It is an initiative to regain the market of Hand-made, Environmental Friendly, and Vintage traditional products of Pakistani Artisan all over the world. Borrindo is a platform to showcase artisans genius craft and individuality all over the world with updated fashion manipulative accessories. It is also helping craftsman and artisan with design maturity training to enhance their abilities. These all the fascinating cultural handmade ornaments and attiring products (Shown in the image) are modernized crafts showing the mastermind of the architect with their hard work.

The environmental friendly stuff including wood, leather, turquoise, and Faience etc. are used to make each artifact. For details, you can go to their official website www.Borrindo.com  “Currently, Borrindo is bestowing handicrafts from Sillanwali’s artisans who primarily work on Lacquer art, Persian art, Wooden art and much more to sense the liberated domination of designing vintage crafts with innovation. Borrindo’s online store is upholding thousands of years old cultural heritage of valuable assets of Pakistan to enhance the livelihood of Sillanwali’s artisans.

Borrindo is eager to produce customary hand-made artefact with new practices and flairs to bring the people closer to handicrafts across the world. Borrindo’s artisans are creating undeniable items that are the cultural Trademark of our fashion industry and Pakistan all over the world.

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