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COVID-19: What to do in times of crisis?

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak is a cause for concern. A viral disease that is wreaking havoc not only through the lives of economies but people as well, has left many people wondering whether or not there is a solution to this crisis.

As the way world works, each individual or group follows a set of beliefs they feel are the best response to mitigating this virus. Some have held onto their firm religious ideals, believing that prayer is the best solution, whereas others have turned to science based on past and new insights as a method of mitigating the ongoing pandemic.

In Pakistan, however, due to a lack of awareness and education, the people had initially taken this matter lightly. In light of recent events in China and Italy, as well as per the government’s awareness campaign, the Pakistani citizens have started to self-isolate themselves as the government has enforced a partial lockdown. A fragile economy has resulted in the country’s economic activity slowing down to bare essentials that are necessary for sustaining life. It is pertinent to note that this is a nation of resilient citizens who have fought their way through the war on terror, the 2005 earthquake and several floods that have been destructive to the health of the economy. As Newsweek once aptly put it “World’s Bravest Nation”, it is important to remember the many crises that we have overcome together as one nation and that is how we should forward heeding to the advice of our leaders.

reduce risk of coronavirus

Believe in prayer and scientific research, eat healthy foods to keep your immunity level up, exercise at home and follow precautionary measures. Take care of your family, and keep reminding yourself “This too shall pass”.

As Prime Minister has so aptly said it on numerous occasions…

Ghabrana nai hai.”

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