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Equity in the Most Divine Tie-up of the World: The Spouse’s Relationship

Pakistani culture is a blend of Asian and Muslim values where both partners have diverse responsibilities. Male partner works for living while female takes responsibility for house and children. But with the globalization, we are changing our lifestyle and values abruptly to become grasping. We started a competition between spouse to become equal financially while we forget everyone has his own responsibilities. Off course like every other change it also has pros and cons.But, Islam is the Code of life and we have an answer for each question in The Holy Quran. Certainly, the equality and justice of Human is not something new to us, but we are not following it as it should be. Allah Almighty make each creation for a specific purpose in this world to maintain an equilibrium. There is no one creation who can do whatever because everything has its own limits to do something.

Plants can produce food and animals can’t whereas microbes can decay both of them. Likewise, Sun produces light and moon obtains light from the sun still shines at its own time to bloom the sky in the night. But no one sees the sun as a higher in rank then moon because both are shining at their own time without any competition. Likewise, both partners are alike but have different responsibilities.Allah Almighty give many powers to Human to rule this world but Human also has limits. Man and Woman are both equal companions to gain the benefits of this world but with different capacities to handle various jobs to maintain the balance. As Allah mentioned in The Holy Quran; It is the blessing of Allah Almighty to create us as self-possession and passionate for each other to have a content life. It is the relationship of love, compassion, and forgiveness. Allah Almighty also specify the dynamics for both the partners to handle the obligations and responsibilities in this world. It is revealed in The Holy Quran as; Allah Almighty give authority to Man over his spouse to support and protect her while the woman to protect herself and family in the absence of her husband. But, this is the dynamic actions which Allah Almighty has created for us that don’t mean the lesser worth of a woman. As clearly stated in The Holy Quran; Indeed, Allah Almighty created some rules and regulations to maintain the balance of the world. But recently we can commonly see the unbalance in our society due to the disturbance of our ethical values and religious obligations.

Let’s make equity to savoring this World!

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