I should get right to it. You’re in for a quick spin, so might as well buckle up.

There is a rhythym to every single activity in your life. Sure, it may be scattered but it has its own mantra, which hums its way into existence. As if chaos is your order.

Or maybe its just running on clockwork. Nothing has changed has it, over the past years? You might disagree initially, and think of the breakthroughs we’ve made.

My focus is on the beautiful human mind, which science has discovered to such an extent, that I can’t even fathom. That’s besides the point, though.

Has our pysche changed really? There are so many people who feel that rules are for weaklings, and that its always been cool to break the boundaries within. People demand mainstream items as basic pre requisites and also ask for that extra zing, where there’s an out of the box thinking. People do appreciate the originality and new ideas. There are so many people building on concepts to bring about a better future.

Yet all my monochrome glass can see is louder microphones, more mediums to communicate and people following each other with a Pied Piper at the beginning. It reminds of a beautiful orchestra which begs for you to participate and sucks you in.

Maybe the glass is old now, and it needs adjustment. I see people waking up in the morning, grabbing a cup of coffee, heading off to the workspace, going to a bar or a mall and finishing the day. Sure, some of you might not do that, and spend your time conducting seminars, idea sessions and making breakthroughs with new ideas. The young mindset of today does not seek to do a regular 9-6 job, and die old paying off the mortgage with a white picket fence. They want quicker ways to earn, and a payoff in return.

Dare I have this dusty old vision thrown out from the stone age? All I see is a pattern of human behaviour. We learn from our peers, and see whether we want that path in life when we can decide.

What if there isn’t a pattern at all?

I mean, how did our behaviour emerge when humans were the first on earth? Was the stone age of a modern mindset? How did they build massive structures without a calculator for one, and a Mac? Also, did they answer their questions without Google? Or did questions get answered by their own?

Here I am, debating whether the stone age was modern or not, yet it sounds ridiculous to some. Perhaps we make our own pattern, and follow a major trend? Does that not sound similar to joining the mainstream and also venturing to go out of that box?

The ideal human should live by one’s own standards or choices. Yet those choices are greatly influenced, if not determined by our peers, inspirations, rebellious thoughts, games, commercials, subliminal images, logos, technology trends. In some cases, our mind is our worst enemy, specially when its running on empty.

On the other side of the edge though, I think the mind should run on empty and start from scratch. Isn’t that what starting from a fresh page is all about? Sure, its risky but isn’t that what will make it original? Take some time to stop from the rhyhtymic nature of continuously running and wonder what’s happening? Like that scene in Wall-E where the old robot suddenly pauses time in the spaceship and everybody wakes up. As if Pied Piper’s procession has been interrupted.

Alas! Maybe I am too late to the scene. But as they say in your language, it is never too late. Seize the moment. Carpe diem.

Look before you leap!

Written by Wasif Arshad

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