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NETSOL Technologies Multi-million Dollar Contract with Leading Asian Auto Captive Finance Corporation in China

Pakistani Based Company “NETSOL Technologies”, Signed $ 30 Million Contract with Leading Asian Auto Captive Finance Corporation in China to Implement NFS Ascent for Retail and Wholesale Platforms

NETSOL Technologies, A Global Trust-worthy and Award-winning Finance & Leasing Solution Provider Company, signed a contract with Asian Auto Captive Finance Corporation in China. This contract has a 5 years tenure and worth of $30 Million to implement Ascent Retail and wholesale podiums using Premium NFS Ascent Platform. Moreover, this agreement contains a suite of applications for Loan Origination System (LOS) and Contract Management System (CMS).

NETSOL Technologies, Inc. was selected from 4 eminent Global Merchants, after two-years comprehensive evaluation process using multiple KPI, with having practicality in China and the effective performance in the arena. NFS Ascent was deemed as a dynamic, innovative and effective enterprise solution, apt for the multifaceted auto and asset finance lifecycles.

The key performance indicators included during assessment were addressed as digital tech stack, automation tools, industrial coverage, execution rate, functionality, compliance, and other auxiliary tools to operate the global auto and asset finance industry. Additionally, NETSOL Technologies is efficiently working with 23 other clients in China which thru it viable for the new client to implement the NFS Ascent and wholesale platforms.

The Bottom Line

NFS Ascent is a unique and flexible solution to cope up the most complicated challenges of Finance sector with customized integration throughout the world. This agreement will not only help the customer’s business as well will maintain the sole position of The NETSOL Technologies, Inc. in the global arena of Finance and Leasing Industry with having a larger marketing share in China.

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