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Prepare Your Site for Latest Google Algorithm Updates in 2020

Google Algorithm is a very complicated form of an algorithm created to provide high quality google search engine results for users. It explores specific characteristics on the webpage including keywords, organic links, page speed, multi-channel performance, user experience and much more to offer a wide array of personalization to searchers.

Google Algorithm updates and changes frequently to sustain the high-quality results using features for each key search. It influences the ranking of websites and their strategies as Google assigns the most important and desirable sites using numerous attributes of websites.

Google mobile algorithm updates released in this month, with some minor and major changes as the new ranking attributes, will be rolled out in July 2020. These Google Search Result Pages (SERPs) changing factors broadly include the mobile-First Index, webpage loading speed, security, and User Experience on the webpage in both mobile and desktop version for ranking. You need to be dynamic to ensure staying ahead of shifts and trends in Google search changes for optimizing your website as latest Google algorithm will affect SEO rules.

Digital Viable Industries rely on Google search engine to drive visitors to their sites, and these evolving updates frequently alter SEO rules for marketers. Web developers manipulate the attributes for SEO to embrace the website at the top ranking in google search engine which is evolving consistently smarter to deliver better search results for users and up-surging a site higher or tumbling it down.

The consistent success of your business relies on following the Google’s algorithm updates instead of using any blemish SEO techniques. Google Algorithm update is assembling the high-quality content for users by eliminating those low-value tricky sites only wish to generate revenue from ads. It is prompting the online businesses which are mostly castoff to create economic value instead of providing any value to users.

Google’s core focus in 2020 is to deliver user-friendly websites and more relevant information across the internet in a quickest possible timespan with authenticity. Indeed, no industry wants to tumble down with these changes and want to conquer eventual wider audience by adopting these updates.

We are going to explain the most significant algorithm updates with the techniques for SEO strategies to stay ahead. You should try to prepare your site secure, fast, simple and mobile-friendly to beat the SEO competition in 2020 with these significant trends.

1. Mobile First Index as Google SERPs Ranking Factor” According to Google Webmaster,

 “Mobile-First Indexing is the use of a mobile version of the web pages for indexing and ranking to help the mobile users.”

Google emphases to deliver flawless results to users more efficiently and most of the people (more than 60 %) reliance on smartphones for online access. Mobile First Index already rolled out from early 2020 for all search ranking. Mobile First Index becomes crucial with high loading speed and structured content for any business to provide dynamic and functional experience to each visitor for top ranking in SERPs. Already Google has two separate search indexes (one for mobile and other for the desktop version), but from July 2020 to onward these will be combined to a single Mobile-first index.

It is essential to have a dynamic website to be worth of Optimized Mobile SEO with all necessities including structured data, Titles and meta description equivalent on both versions (Mobile and Desktop) of all pages for online accomplishment.You need to optimize a mobile compatible website as Google is shifting entire search index from mobile-friendly to mobile-first. If you want to save your search ranking from falling drastically in the Google SERPs than you should ensure the dynamic and mobile-First index site with quick page loading speed. Check “Mobile-Friendly Test” with google to see the functionality of your site on a mobile device.

  • If your website is not functional and crawlable on mobile than you can upgrade your site with purchasing the mobile-responsive theme
  • If you are not an expert of tech, then you can hire a team of Professionals to manage and customize your website.

Google is now seriously focusing webpage speed as a factor to rank sites from July 2020 as the public want to find quickest possible answers. You should be ready to ramp up the speed of your website (For Desktop and Mobile Version) to stay ahead on Google Search Engine. Research (SOASTA Study) showed that more than 50% mobile users close your site after 3 seconds if it does not load accurately. Google already announced that they would prefer Faster Signal website over slower signal sites page from July 2020. Google emphasises your webpage to load within three seconds to deliver the content for the user quickly.

  • Evaluate your webpage speed with tools like Pingdom, Google’s Page Speed Test, Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights to get suggestions to improve the speed
  • Pay attention to images, JavaScript, Videos and other heavy objects that can slow down the loading of page site
  • WordPress Users can use W3 Total Cache Plugin to speed up back-end factors

Google Algorithm update introduced a new innovative feature to optimize user experience as “Featured Snippet” appear on the top of SERPs.  “Multifaceted featured snippets” is the state-of-the-art response to multipurpose queries which will be further extended as guidance seeking queries. Google is trying to produce a direct result for enhancing user experience on the search page instead of result page to satisfy the users quickly. This trend is going to continue as Google main focus is to satisfy the user experience with high-quality content. Publishers need to adopt this trend by creating Amusing snippets and Information Graph on their sites to capture traffic. If you can spot this rank for your site, then you can get a boost for your website even though the potential webpage view can be denied. You can add Featured snippet formats including bullet points or number list with the key points to increase the chance of your content to be displayed

  • Featured Snippet with Voice Search can enhance your opportunity of answering the viewers
  • Try to keep your content in Natural Language without breaking any flow of adding unnecessary keywords.
  • WordPress Users can add some consistent and approachable plugins like Yoast
  • Ensure your site is updated and navigated easily with structured data

Google Algorithm 2020 is also emphasizing another essential feature regarding security for webmasters to add SSL in their website and convert HTTP into HTTPS.  Initially, SSL was only crucial for data collecting sites, but now it is becoming essential for all websites to show secure in the google search. If you do not add SSL certificate, then you will get a penalty in term of non-secure site and lower ranking in SERPs.

If HTTPS is becoming a Ranking Factor, so you need to make a shift to be a secure site for users as a non-secure label in chrome can make visitors stop exploring your site. Download, install and enable SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate on your site by yourself or have the assistance of your web developer to set-up redirects from HTTP to HTTPS Version

  • Re-submit your sitemap to Google Search Console

User Experience as A Core Obligation” Google Algorithm Update is not about the change in ranking but delivering a dynamic, structured based content experience for users. Google is now focusing only response of the users to your site, their spent time, and their content requirements. Mobile-Focus Content, Speed and ad-delivery based penalties confirm to publishers to focus on the demands of visitors instead of driving traffic without having useful content for them. Google is ensuring in these updates that any site gaming with the system to drive traffic and create revenue is not ranked higher.

  • Create a specific and structured content which you included in the SEO properly
  • Have a user-friendly website design, clear and logical page layout
  • Optimize the user experience with clear category and navigations than deliver ads
  • You should concentrate on Multi-Channels Search Engine Optimization Strategy instead of solely on Mobile SEO as the ratio is 60:40 for Mobile versus Desktop as for detailed activities people use the desktop instead of mobile
  • Businesses need to consider user-experience for each platform with dynamic technical SEO
  • You should ramp up the instant Apps, AMP and Progress Web Applications
  • Your website should contain excellent, structured, engaging and relevant content for visitors with images
  • You should optimize your page loading speed for both mobile and desktop version
  • You should also focus on Local optimization (Google Possum Update) as most searches are now location-based

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