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The Time is always right to do what is Right

“Time, the only precious entity you are in a no-win situation when blown!” But, According to Martin Luther King ensures us,

“the time is always right to do the right thing.”

This quotation prompts us to never leave right actions because it’s never too late to do what is right.  This statement can apply in any aspect of life to live optimistic and truthful to bring goodness and justice to the world.

It’s our decision what we accept and what we reject in our life to make it content and rightful. You need courage to speak the truth, hope for goodness and love for a righteous path to do the right thing which is actually a tough task.

Life is very precious having two flanked, one good and other bad by means of positivity and negativity to handle it precisely.

When you are fascinated by the present moment of your life instead of thinking of future attempts or happening in the past. It’s the only right moment which allows your happiness and around you, ultimately this world.

It’s our mind that caters to the situation and can find good in each moment instead of meager because there is always a reason for every failure, we face in this world.

In fact, Right time is


Neither Past nor Future to do something right or avoid wrong for you, your family, your country, mother planet, and it’s all living beings.

We need to live positive in each situation and take the advantage of every situation to make the right choices for all without compromising what is Right.

Our decisions make the future and pain make us strong to live in this universe, so we should learn from our failures. This world is only living place for us and only we can save it with our right decisions.

“Indeed, you will never regret to do what is Right!”

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