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Digital Marketing Prediction & Trends in 2018

The marketing transformation is ever-evolving because of stimulating consequences of the digital world. As, there are new-fangled, diverse platforms and strategies in the digital marketing. The modern traders must be enormously aware of new trends to precisely communicate at each platform for brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales.

According to Charles Darwin,

“Survival goes to those who adapt, not necessarily to those who rely on strength.”

Digital marketing strategy is an urgency to be amended to cope up with the sprouting technology. As it is a self-motivated industry which never slows down as collaborative marketing.

Industry professionals take advantage of cutting-edge technological advancement to create their marketing strategy. Although, the basics of marketing are not altering in evolving digital marketing except changing the consumption patterns and preferences of the target audience with time. As Digital Marketing converted the whole world into digitalization due to elevation so fast that no one imagined two centuries earlier.

These days social media, mobile marketing, machine learning and artificial intelligence are the key digital marketing trends to integrate into a marketing plan. Here, we are going to discuss the rising trends and noteworthy online channels one by one to augment in digital marketing for business management to shine in 2018. Multichannel marketing is becoming a custom because marketers need to concentrate on the customers instead of channels for marketing. As, Folks are using multiple websites, social media, smartphones, and search engines regularly, which can help marketers to target the exact audience. Complicated advertising channels and broadcasting technologies are another major cause of multichannel marketing to gain viable benefits. Integrated marketing strategy is becoming vital for channels to work together for supporting each other to optimize the marketing benefits for advertisers and customers.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a significant trend from the commencement of digital marketing. There is still ever-increasing demand in 2018 for content marketing. Content marketing is evolving with digital marketing from only written content to rise in visual content (Images & Video) without affecting data content. Content writing is a technique of generating relevance between “what you want to say” and “what your audience requirement”.

Relevant and comprehensive content is the demand of the era whether written or visual content with focusing quality of the content to highlight their brand. The content prerequisite is altered from only brand awareness to entertaining and informative content for audience rendezvous. Innovative and collaborative content is the demand for digital marketing to make it immersive. Interactive content is a significant digital marketing trend because the interaction of marketers with the audience is a basic requirement of current digital marketing. Marketer adopt content in a way to involve the audience to create a relationship with participative dialogues to build a community. Interactive content is generally fabricated as an audience to like, correspond and adopt in their environment. In addition, it captures the attention of the audience using different activities like making choices, exploring, or answering the questions etc to educate the customer about the brand. It’s a huge success to adopt a nonpareil pattern of interactive content.

In 2018, chief marketers will excel only using mass personalized data strategies and professional customization to optimize the audience involvement. It’s not about the forwarding email with the name of the customer, instead, your data should be very appealing to the audience to involve using customized targeting strategies. Account-based marketing has become the catchphrase of digital marketing as a finest agent of improved trade. Personalized data can improve the customer experience in a variety of ways as obtained by social networks, mobile apps downloads and online purchases etc using customer behavior data analysis.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is enhancing a valuable advertisement site with indulging customer care services. It is a powerful tool for direct communication between customers and the company for brand cognizance. This direct feedback and customer choice are converting industries as “Influencer Marketing” with brand transformation.
Social Media is one of the inexpensive and tremendous ROI digital advertising technique as the overall adoption of social media is incessantly mounting. It also contributes benign publicity catering advanced options like stories on News Feed, promoting discounts for social media users and expiring content. Social media marketing requires extended diligence in targeting options to sway consumers.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a major trend in content marketing and advertisement. These are considered more effective than other types of marketing due to the high impact of sight and sound to customers. Convincing advertisement can be created using eye catchy video content to increase brand awareness. Video advertising trend is increasing day by day due to the simplicity of accretion into social media networks.

Video advertisement never base on the high budget instead great idea and creativity wins the day especially advertisement on social media platforms. Live video is another ongoing live-action, visual storytelling, and reliable advertisement method in social media. As consumers are connecting with brands and follow their content making it easy for marketers to know their costumer’s obligations through messages during streaming live broadcasts.


Mobile Marketing

Mobiles are becoming an indispensable chunk of human life providing many facilities in a single device 24/7. Marketers focus on every single accessible targeting device to connect their customers and smartphones are the easiest targets nowadays. Smartphones are, using the internet, linked to social media and other web facilities making it tempting to bind to digital marketing strategy. Vendors only required focusing on creating mobile-friendly advertisements which should be the speedy, convenient, and visual focus. It is a valuable investment in marketing strategy in 2018 that continues to upsurge as part of multi-channel marketing.

Mobile marketing is enhanced after the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) and mobile index by google search engine. Local search engine optimization is also attaining the high preference among mobile users to get local brands and companies for their queries. It provides a big opportunity for marketers to reach their local audience through their mobile search. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most fundamental components of digital marketing in the upcoming era as the biggest revolution since the Internet. It is the future of the digital marketing from short-term to long-term campaign to find the right audience more precisely and efficiently using their huge data which is impossible to get using traditional marketing trends. It created a drastic change and influence on advertisers, marketers, and customers.

In 2018, AI will be espoused more precisely as a service in more applications and chatbot as a virtual assistant to lend a helping hand. Augmented reality (AR) related products and applications are another upcoming massive marketing potential to expand.


Wearable in Digital Marketing

Wearables are one of the modest tech artefacts like Apple Watch, Fitbit, smartwatch, activity tracker etc. These are emerging marketing tools like smart mobiles which are calculated more than human beings in the world. According to research, wearables are exceeded more than $4 billion in 2017 can be helpful in marketing like mobiles as most of them are like small computers. It requires a small and more collaborative semblance to acquire the best user experience to produce sales.


The Internet of Things(IoT)

It is a vital marketing technology application to provide relative and personalized messages to customers by marketers. It is an interconnected system of computing devices, digital, mechanical machines, animals and human etc. that can transfer data using the network with exclusive identifiers. This helps marketers as products can market and order themselves using billions of connected devices. It has a slow development today, but becoming vital gradually and expected 75 billion connected devices by 2020 having huge applications.


In-Store Marketing

It is not digital advertising instead it is online marketing to purchase the products using the web and mobile apps like Amazon, olx and Daraz etc. We are adding in this article because it is an increasing trend of marketing. According to a study, 80% People are buying products from online shopping sites using mobiles and web applications. Day by day, these e-commerce sites are growing reckless helping companies to drive customers to stores using digital systems.


Native Advertising

Native advertising is becoming prominence in this year as the powerful type of online paid advertisement. It is an old method but can be helpful for marketing due to upcoming hurdles like ad blockers due to excessive penetration of direct advertisement in social media. Increasing flux of advertisement can be annoying for folks will be another cause of ad block in social media. But, Native advertisement becomes part of content without annoying people like a traditional advertisement. It can be divided into three main forms: Sponsored Content, Recommended Content and In-feed Social adds. This type of advertisement still depends on swift, eager, feisty, and appropriate data to attract customers.


Data Driven Marketing

Data is the core of marketing to deliver precise prerequisite of customers. Digital products are snowballing massively in our daily lives and assembling data progressively. These are the tools of marketers to play a vital role to assume the needs of customers.

Business’s innovative data with marketing automation is the foremost obligation of data-driven marketing to improve commerce and customer endorsement. Personalised products and services data help your company sales optimization with previous customer acquisition behavior and current surfing conduct.


Big Data

Big data is an integrative marketing expertise used to decipher information from mining data (Structured, Semi-structured, and unstructured data). It is a key trend increasing in 2018 as raw data is compiling in piles gradually in the digital universe. It is applicable to a variety of ways to maximize production and sales both qualitatively and quantitatively. Its assistance in customer gratification by providing current factual info to cater improved brand products.


Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a software platform to arrange tasks to save time and energy of marketers as well provide an improved experience to users without any hurdles. The appropriate application of marketing automation helps to enhance inquiry services, social customer services, email marketing and purchase confirmation etc. Marketing automation is a customized tool which is a dynamic requirement of each industry to provide an accurate solution with saving precious time and increased productivity. It plays a significant role in content marketing to spread content to the right audience at right time efficiently and regularly.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another recent trend helpful in digital marketing strategy, 2018. Internet and Media Stars are a source of inspiration for teenagers and they have millions of followers. Many brands can use these influencers to promote their products successfully. Relevance is the main key to keep in mind in influencer marketing as a man cannot be a suitable choice for female customer products or vice versa.


Digital Marketing Strategy is evolving with changing digital marketing trends and requires updating consistently.

  • You need to review your goals and progress previously attained before going to update marketing strategy.
  • You need to keep in mind not to jump on each upcoming trend instead you must focus on your requirements, time and budget.
  • Personalization is an important aspect of emphasis in scheming a new digital marketing strategy.


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