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Universe is the Spectacular Art of Allah Almighty

According to the Italian Author and Poet Dante Alighieri,

“Nature is the Art of God”

An enormous creation of Allah which we can’t explore entirely in millions of years residing in this world!

The universe is most attractive and striking extended surrounding to prompt us that created by Someone with enthusiastically to make us pleased and sparkling. No Human Being can deny this reality that this universe is so organized, artful, and captivated to explore and admire the Creator and His Power.

We are exploring it from our birth and finding it so astonished but then again inept to reconnoiter entirely. We, most influential creation of God, are incapable to grasp boundaries of this stunning universe. This vulnerability reveals that we have our Creator to bow Him and admire his spectacular art around us to give us peace and strength of nature. We cannot deny the beauty of the gigantic universe and praise to the creator of this spectacular art around us.

A most Beautiful Planet and Stunning Natural Art around us!

Allah Almighty created this earth most spectacular oeuvre with mountains, oceans, deserts, forests in such a beautiful way to awestruck us. This clean and attractive nature illustrate us the outstanding artwork to admire and inspire beyond imaginations.

These beautiful sceneries make our lives colorful, enliven and vivid with joy. Allah Almighty has created us to observe the nature and its assets to reveal and learn this spectacular art spread-out in this world to explore. Allah Almighty created each piece of this world a puzzle to solve and organized in a way to create a huge magnificent canvas to amaze us.

Rendering to a saying in the Holy Quran,

Allah Almighty furnish this earth with diverse natural beauty!

This world is furnished with a beautiful representation of florae, faunas with numerous living and non-living creations. Nature is full of mindboggling patterns and formations created by Master Artist, Allah Almighty. This earth is the inspirational masterpiece of Allah Almighty to see the glimpse of His immensity in the Landscape, diversity of creatures and human beings.

Nature is the immense contentment for the Human being whether a full moonlight, a silent bunch of tree, weaving flowers at lakeside, ocean sound or millions of twinkling stars and the list goes on to ascend the bond that we share with our nature. We can see the beauty of this universe in a drop of water through a microscope to an oeuvre in galaxies with Telescope to admire the incredible artwork in each fragment of the universe formed by Allah Almighty.

According to the Holy Quran,

Foremost Creation of Allah should care this Spectacular Art!

Allah Almighty provide us with a beautiful gift of nature to care and connect with it. We belong to this earth and custodian to save it instead of destroying this wonderful gift. This spectacular art of Allah Almighty enlivens us with the miracles of the world to connect the Creator.

It’s our duty to save this beautiful environment, make it peaceful and keep it clean to enjoy the attractiveness of nature. If we damage assets of nature then we will get controversy response of nature like Global Warming, Pollutions, and Earthquakes etc. as, Nature has its own retrieval system. If we want to relish the beauty and secret of nature, we had better protect it continually.

“Be humble to relish the marvelous oeuvre of Allah Almighty!”

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