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Water is the driving force of Nature

Water is considered the core of life as per Allah Almighty say in The Holy Quran,

“By means of water, we give Life to everything”


This verse is also scientifically proven to be accurate as every living being needs water for prevailing. Certainly, water is abundant in nature with other natural resources to cater the need of all creatures in this world. As each living being can have diverse nutrition mode but each one needs Water to Live. Human being and animals can’t survive without drinking water. Plants need water to grow and survive.

Water accumulates two-third of the earth to drive the nature and exists in all forms of matter to hoard from the sky to earth.

Human acknowledged himself as the sovereign of everything in this universe and misusing water resources without conservation. Indeed, the water cycle is considered identical to the life cycle because water contamination disturbs all creatures in the vicinity. Eventually altering all-natural resources to make unwilling for living entities. Even, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us about 1400 centuries earlier to Conserve water even if we are on the bank of a flowing river. But we did not bother ourselves to save water and ultimately it is becoming a limiting natural resource in many parts of the world with Pakistan due to extravagance use of a human. It is estimated almost half of the world population is living in the water-stressed areas. Nature links everything with everything else to make interrelated system.

A minor change in one entity makes overall huge and extended impact on the natural cycles, ultimately at the Human well-being. If we are contaminating water that’s mean, we are polluting all the environment. It is becoming a major source of natural disturbance to affect all florae, fauna, and Human.

We must articulate to safe our one mother planet Earth and it’s natural resources.

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