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When words fail, Music Speaks

Music is, a Serene Ripple, intended to express our Emotions!

It is another name used to share our thoughts, pain, acceptance, love, connection and most importantly deliver our Veiled Feelings, which are unable to express through words. Indeed, “When words fail, Music speaks” (Hans C. Andersen)

Where words fail, music speaks
It speaks of the pain, of the sorrow, of the lost, of the life we live
It shares emotions
It’s a way to connect, to understand what others feel
(Lucy Rudman)

Music aspects our pain, love, and feelings to make us breathe free and comfortable without accusation. It is an utterly unique way of conveying message safely through notes and beats to touch the sentiments of each person differently. Every person has varied beloved music to cope through difficult times or to escape from the cruel world and stance firmly over to redefine their existence.

Music is played differently from sweet and quiet to loud melody depending on the taste of the musician and listeners to make a different effect on our mood. It is not necessary to be complex to relish your feelings instead a simple melody can awestruck you. Many people use melody to express their feelings instead of words to enlighten sheer clear themselves. Music is something powerful to stance your mood honestly which is not possible with words.

Emotions are the most significant share of our life, which we can’t deny!

Mostly words can’t divulge passion behind our emotions, but music can reflect upon it. Music, not only relax us but also assure the better future to a broken-hearted one, and a lullaby to tranquil the disturbed soul. It is known that people with mental disturbance find music a sedative medication to help them relax. It speaks the way to patients that a person never could to calm them as music has an amazing effect on our all attributes of emotions.

Music is the essence of life to present love and passion!

Music also bypasses the communication barriers where language fails to create the foundation of a friendship. It connects and makes us accept the fact that similar intense emotional situations can exist in any other person too and music is the similar cure for these emotional snags which never fades. It gives true aspects of our emotions through beautiful lyrics to tear us or build us up.

Where words fail, music speaks
It tells the truth whether you want it to or not
Music shares the souls of those we’re around, of those in the world that we’re living
(Lucy Rudman)

“Music is the Voice of our Hearts to give us Hope of Life, Chant your favorite Melody to relish your Happiness”

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